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Turriplantas is a family business that started operations in 2003, producing and exporting high quality ornamental plants. Focused on producing sustainably, we have 6 hectares of land for propagation and production, keeping 2 Ha protection and reforestation, the total of 8 hectares available to the company. In order to produce high quality plants, it meets all program requirements clean material (Clean Stock), essential for export Dracaenas to USA, a country with a permanent market remains, besides exporting to Europe requirements and Asia. Our aim has always been to maintain a very close and direct relationship with each of our clients, who with their comments and demands have forced us to do better every day; hence our slogan "Best grown quality".


Remain as one of the leading producers of ornamental plants from Costa Rica, guided by the highest ethical standards. Using agricultural practices, modern, sustainable and friendly agro our environment. Satisfy our customers in quality and in turn keep your interest in our product set. With this concept and the help of God, we will fulfill our goals.


Produce and export ornamental superior to that existing in the market. Bring color and joy to the destination points. Maintain the interest of our customers, maintaining consistency, quality and service. Continue with all environmental regulations, health and safety. Maintaining a fair and enjoyable environment for our employees and their families work.


  • Respect
  • Humility
  • Communication
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Enthusiasm
  • Discipline

Our products

Our products are live plants to be kept in pots or for reproduction. It manages a wide range of ornamental plants that are exported according to the need of our customers. The plants can be sold in the following ways:

Unrooted cutting

Rooted cutting

Rooted cutting in oasis cube

Callous cutting

We work with respect to the demand, with sizes according to the customers need, being our specialty small sizes ranging from 6/8" to 15/18" in height.


What characterizes our farm?

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Turriplantas is located in Pavones, Turrialba, Costa Rica, 850 meters above sea level, in a hilly area with a very nice and ideal for growing certain varieties of ornamental plants climate.